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At this point this website mostly contains information for legacy titles from the mid 2000's, but hey there's some solid games from that era. I've posted the tweaks and tips I learned back in the day.


Minecraft - Easy Guide to Installing Shaders

If you want to make Minecraft look incredible, follow this simple guide. This will show you how to install some of the most popular shaders available, like the Sonic Ether Unbelievable Shaders (SEUS).



Zelda - Ocarina of Time Checklist for 100% Playthrough

Due to the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, I am posting a barebones checklist I have created to assist you in completing a 100% playthrough. It basically lists every item, upgrade, gold skulltula, heartpiece, magic bean, bottle, mask etc... in order. I have used this checklist once before and I believe I have this list fairly down pat as far as the order. You may think it's skipping around a bit, but if you follow the order you will beat the game with everything.

Ocarina Of Time Checklist