Making Minecraft look more impressive

Default Minecraft look


Minecraft with SEUS Renewed shaders

In addition to better lighting, this also adds various effects such as motion blur, wind, rain, and more. FYI, this can be a bit taxing on your system.


Simple Guide to Install Minecraft Shaders

Step 1

Go to and download the version that corresponds with the version of Minecraft you're running (1.14.4 for me)


Step 2

Select to "Keep" the file if your browser prompts, and then run the file


Step 3

Click "Install" at the prompt. It should be pretty quick. Click "OK" at the success message.


Step 4

Navigate to "C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft" and create a new folder called "shaderpacks". Obviously you'll need to replace "USERNAME" with your actual username.


Step 5

Download the shader pack you'd like to use. For this tutorial, I'm using the SEUS shaders.

Once downloaded, copy the zip file into "C:\users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\shaderpacks". You do not need to unzip the file.

Step 6

Open the Minecraft Launcher and from the drop down select OptiFine

Step 7

Once you're in Minecraft, open the Options menu and go to Video Settings...

Then go to Shaders...

And finally, click on "" (or whatever version you downloaded)

You'll see the screen reload for a moment and then that's it, your shaders should be working!






If you'd like to try some other shaders, just place the downloaded files in the same "shaderpacks" folder and select it in the options the same way you did here.