Zelda - Ocarina of Time Checklist for 100% Playthrough

Due to the release of Ocarina of Time 3D, I am posting a barebones checklist I have created to assist you in completing a 100% playthrough. It basically lists every item, upgrade, gold skulltula, heartpiece, magic bean, bottle, mask etc... in order. I have used this checklist once before and I believe I have this list fairly down pat as far as the order. You may think it's skipping around a bit, but if you follow the order you will beat the game with everything.

Ocarina Of Time Checklist


Zelda Ocarina of Time Texture Comparison

See a mouse-over comparison of the original game vs the new textures! Hi-Res Texture Comparison

If you'd like to download and setup the hi-res pack yourself, click here.
Update: The texture pack on this page is even newer and more complete than the one demonstrated above!

Add some cool lighting to the game! How to use Mudlord's shaders


Rare Zelda Stuff

Want to see some cool and rare Zelda stuff? You won't be able to find this stuff at your local GameStop.

Rare Zelda Stuff


Awesome Artwork

A good friend of mine decided to make this epic depiction of Link and Ganon. Check it out! Click the thumbnail to see the fullsize image.

See his deviantart page here!