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SEADS LAN Party and Video Game room at Florida Fandomania
June 17, 2016 - June 19, 2016

2000 Virginia Ave
2900 Bayport Drive
Fort Pierce, Florida 34982

PC and Console Gaming - Tournaments - cash and Prizes
Halo - Unreal - Star wars - Smash Brothers - League of legends and more Tournaments all weekend long. 50/50 first place Cash Prize and other prizes offered by Florida Fandomania

BYOC - Bring Your Own Computer (or just use one of ours)

Contact SEADS LAN Party for more information - 954.689-7573
Visit the website: Florida Fandomania

Unreal Tournament 2004 (on PC) Friday 6pm
Halo (on PC) Friday 8pm
Smash Brothers Brawl (on Wii) Saturday 2pm
Gamer's Choice TBA Saturday 4pm
Star Wars Battle Front (on PC) Saturday 6pm
League of Legends (on PC) Saturday 8pm
Smash Brothers Brawl (on Wii - Round 2) Sunday 1pm